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Jan Not Jackson’s music style combines Old-School-HC and Thrashcore, as well as midtempo-Metal-Core-parts with Thrash- and Death-Metal elements. Besides, there is a decent portion of Punk-Rock involved.

Their massive, fast and aggressive sound is clear and precise, even when it comes to extremely fast passages. The effect is enforced by the uncompromising angry vocals that range from increased aggression to more melodic parts. At the same time, the songs show that Jan Not Jackson are constantly willing to experiment in the field of musical extremes, thus giving their brand of hardcore a special character.

The lyrics focus mainly on personal experiences and problems and the emotions resulting from these. Additionally, current social, cultural and political developments and trends are being critically reflected, as for example in case of the song “media trap” which is dealing with the effects of daily mass media influence.

The band came into existence late in 1999, starting as a project at first. Before, drummer Jan Schulz and singer Jan Welke had been playing together in the band Cathode Ray Mission that was most of all inspired by Thrashcore-bands of the 80s, such as Cryptic Slaughter, The Accüsed, D.R.I., Septic Death and Attitude Adjustment.

Cathode Ray Mission (1997 - 1999)
Cathode Ray Mission (1997 - 1999)

The first guitar-player Deacon Dunlop had played in the bands Spoutmouth and Karbunkle before. Bass-player Robert Sommer had also been a part of several bands and projects before, for example the band Indoctrinated. Second guitar-player Ohyun Kwon who had played in the Punkrock-band Spitball before joined the band in 2002.

The self-titled CD has been recorded by G&S Productions in their studio early in 2005.



Line up:

Jan Welke - vocals
Jan Schulz - drums
Deacon Dunlop - guitar (1)
Ohyun Kwon - guitar (2)
Robert Sommer - bass